take a brush and put it in ink...... let it flow..

ink photo painting 2020
what I see is not what you see..


Kunst van de dag van Galeries.nl

12.06.2017 recensie van Gerhild van Rooij in Galeries.nl
n.a.v. expositie Just as it is and out of control in
galerie PietHeinEek Eindhoven. tot 2 juli 2017


..The sounds of glass..

'the sound of colours' a new serie 2017


Exposition of my Photography at PietHeinEek gallerie till 2.07.2017

Exposition 'Just as it is' & out of control till 2.07.2017
presents the photo images from the book'Just as it is..'

You can read the information:

info and route: https://pietheineek.nl/info/contact


Happy Newyear 2017

Alleen vanuit je eigen hart ontstaan er de mooiste werken.
met dank aan Jurian Pool 1699


Art Photo Book publication Fiepdelight 'Just as it is'


196 pages, 
21 x 27 cm 
september 2016

150 copies printed on 190 gram,
Magno Volume white paper
printed with special inktjet technologie

50 signed copies in a special case with photoprint
 € 125,- each
100 copies € 69,- each 

still just a few signed copies are available

contact tolf64@xs4all.nl
+31 (0)6 212 94 301

Book presentation

Book presentation 10 september 2016

XL images on the wall,  framed Photo's,
in sphere groupes on the tabels
one minutes films projected on the wall 
and on several monitors


Seen Unseen

of a sudden...,  a small Photobook.

In september 2014 when I visited the UNSEEN photo fair festival in
het Westergas, Amsterdam
I took in a sudden, thepictures
what I liked in the photos... is the graphic excitement, composition and
an extra material the packaging, or casing when i couldn't see them so well.
I saw the Unseen.

I made a small book and presented it to the Unseen festival directors,
look well and see really what excitement photography could be.